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You’ve been charging your smartphone all wrong

If you prefer to use your smartphone for many years instead of frequent changes, it’s important to charge your phone correctly for long battery life.

Now, what would you say if I told you that you were completely charging your smartphone? Whatever your answer is, it’s true. Most smartphone users charge their device incorrectly, and therefore the battery life shortens faster than it should. These explanations come not from us, but from BatterieIngenieure, a consulting firm based in Germany.

Many smartphone users charge their device before they go to bed at night, and when they wake up in the morning, the charger disconnects. Considering that the average smartphone is charging in 1-1.5 hours, we can say that the devices are connected to ür extra lar 7-8 hours. BatterieIngenieure says that charging smartphones frequently, or keeping devices that are 100% full of charge for a long time, significantly shorten the battery life.

Before explaining the reasons for this, let’s explain the battery life for our followers who do not know what the battery life is. As you know, all smartphones use lithium-ion batteries. The charging capacities of lithium-ion batteries are reduced as the battery is used. For this reason, when you first receive a smartphone, the charging time it offers and the charging time it offers after 2-3 years of use will not be the same.

Continuation is maximized by batterieıngenieure charge capacity, namely, the charge capacity of the lithium ion battery to fall more quickly, causing the battery life. Smartphone manufacturers, devices for a long time in charge of keeping harmful to the fact that it belongs to the old technologies, the charge capacity of today’s smartphones say they cut the power flow is 100%. True but incomplete.

Today’s smartphones are actually cutting power when the charging capacity is 100%. However, even when our devices are not available, they continue to consume power due to Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular data, application notifications. Therefore, the charge of the self-standing phone at the table drops from 100% to 99% again. When the phone is connected to the charger, the power flow is restored every 99%.


Imagine that you didn’t put the phone on the phone before bed. In the morning when you check the phone in the morning with the time you spent at night, how many percents of the phone’s charge will have fallen? Your answer shows how many times the phone is rebooting at night when it is connected to the charge. If you get 80% charge in the morning when you sleep at 90% charge at night, by plugging the phone into the charger, the power flow is restarted 10 times in the night.

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly being phone said this was not harmful leave in charge of optimal battery life in some advice on how you should adjust your habits to charge. For example, Samsung recommends that you keep the device charge at least 50%. It also does not recommend you to keep 100% constantly. Therefore, it will be ideal to remove your device when it is charged and re-charge when it approaches 50%.

If you change your smartphone frequently, you may not feel the difference in battery life. Therefore, the information in this article will not work very well. However, if you are using your phone in your phone to have the period of 4-5 years longer attached to the same battery life with the same battery no longer holds a charge for a long time, and we may recommend that you take care, not to frequent charging.

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