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YouTube Reportedly Done With Premium Original Content

Unable to find what it hopes for premium membership, YouTube is preparing to unplug its original content.

Although Google and YouTube have not yet received an official announcement, YouTube has decided to unplug its original high-cost content. The company has recently begun to publish costly projects, but the feedback does not seem to please the company.

In early 2018, there were reports that YouTube would stop investing in this sector by 2020. Within a year, this decision went beyond that. According to recent reports, YouTube has decided not only to renew high-cost programs, but to withdraw completely from this area.

YouTube Original content, which is only available to premium members, is expected to eventually shift to the free side of the platform, while YouTube Red is expected to continue with a focus on music.

While Netflix and Amazon are in a relentless race, both companies follow different strategies for their content. Netflix has recently focused on its original content. Even though YouTube’s budget was not far from these two companies, things did not progress as they wanted.

Looking at the revenue section, it can be a more logical move for YouTube to offer free content for premium memberships and get more ad revenue by reaching more viewers. The company can also use stars created by itself instead of Hollywood stars such as Netflix and Amazon.

It seems that the platform intends to continue to advance on what it already knows well, rather than being thrown into different adventures for several years.

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