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Your best friends Show That They Have a Similar Brain (research)

A new study reveals that the phrase ‘our minds fit together’ reflects the truth as well as it is a metaphorical saying.

There is an emoji you can see in WhatsApp and similar talk groups. When a friend says something and the other wants to say something similar, “️〰️” uses this sign; in the same sense of freedom. According to a research published on Wednesday in the journal Nature Communications, it turns out that this discourse is a scientific backbone.

The research conducted under the leadership of Carolyn Parkinson covers a total of 280 undergraduate students and we can say that it is quite binding. The starting point of the study was that 280 students watched the same videos and examined their brain activities according to the levels of friendship they had previously reported. The hypothesis before the research was that the more close friends would see similar responses while watching the videos, and these reactions would be reflected in a similar manner to the brain activities.

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After the experiments done, this idea has fallen into reality. In this context, a policy has been that students who follow the same videos in the field of science, comedy, and music are close to each other’s brain activities and blood pressure, as determined by the fMRI device. Even those who are much more similar in age, race, or gender have not been identified with similar brain responses as close friends.

This seemingly interesting research leaves a question mark on whether people are friends, whether brain activities are the cause, or whether they are close friends or similar brain activities. Of course, this is your comment. You can share your ideas with us in comments.

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