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Xbox Has Announced Its Accessory That Will Turn Your Phone Into A Games Console.

Recently, Xbox continues to work to make console games playable on mobile devices and has announced a new accessory for Project xCloud. MOGA Mobile Game Clip turns your phone into a mobile game console.

There are many Xbox players who want to bring the console gaming experience to their mobile devices. This is one of the reasons why Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella started Project xCloud, which she called Net Netflix for the Game.

With Project xCloud, players will be able to play any game on their smartphone from anywhere. With this project, a new accessory ecosystem was created. Designed for Xbox introduces the MOGA Mobile Game Clip so players can plug their phones into controllers.

MOGA makes it easy to play on the go:

moga mobil oyun klipsi xbox
This device basically connects your Android smartphone to your Xbox wireless controller. So no matter what kind of game you play, you can safely hold your phone. To fit this clip, the phone needs to be 3.12 inches wide. So almost all smartphones on the market are compatible with this clip. MOGA has a two-way lock system that allows you to play very easily on the move.

MOGA is the first product from collaborations with top hardware partners to develop Xbox branded devices that will focus more on mobile games. In addition to this clip, companies; The company continues to work on developing hardware optimized for phones and tablets. 8bitDo, Gamevice, HORI, PowerA and Razer are the companies that will develop products within the scope of Xbox Project xCloud.

Project xCloud can extend game limits:

As for Project xCloud, there are currently no updates, but when it comes to working on Google’s cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, Xbox needs to make a little more breakthrough. Project xCloud is crucial to changing the way people become dependent on TVs and sofas for console games.

The MOGA Mobile Game Clip for Xbox wireless handles will be available in November. First, pre-orders have been opened in the country for the clip to be sold in the USA. The price of the MOGA Mobile Game Clip will be relatively pleasing to the players because the clip will only be sold for $ 15.


Xbox Has Announced Its Accessory That Will Turn Your Phone Into A Games Console.
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