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With this technology, we can go anywhere in the world in seconds.

Getting on a plane and seeing new places is an interesting experience for almost everyone except the hours of flight. Japan’s largest airline has developed a new technology to take the aircraft out of this equation and take passengers anywhere they want within seconds.

We would like to start this news as ”teleportation technology was found”. I’m sure most people who read the sentences above have this past, but there seems to be a long time ahead of us. Fortunately, ANA, Japan’s largest airline, has managed to develop a system that can take us to where we want to go. At least virtually.

The company introduced a robot called me Newme eyen, which looks like an iPad on an upright bar at the Complex Advanced Technologies Fair 2019 (CEATEC) in Tokyo, Japan on Monday. Acting as an avatar for travelers, Newme lets you experience a place without being physically present.

ANA plans to sell 1000 Newme by the summer of 2020. With the help of this robot, the company will open doors where people cannot go. For example; With Newme, you can experience a luxury hotel on the Moon.

ANA says that the robot they developed can be used not only in entertainment but also in the health field. According to the company, Newme can allow doctors to treat a patient on the other side of the world.

Watch this video to get a closer look at this interesting robot:

With this technology, we can go anywhere in the world in seconds.
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