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With this Site, you can find out if a fault line has crossed under your home.

The earthquakes we have experienced in recent years have enabled us to confront the earthquake reality in our geography once again. Have we learned the necessary lessons from the painful experiences we have had in the past? How prepared are we for a devastating earthquake? Do we know what to do in case of an earthquake?

The answers to all these questions actually determine our chances of survival. Well, did you know that you could find out if there’s a fault line under your house?

General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) website, you can easily find out whether the fault line passes under their homes.


Citizens on the internet parcels or where the fault line passes through their homes can see very clearly transfers Er, “Today when we enter the E-government can see the ground features of the parcel. Therefore, we can have very clear information in terms of natural disasters. In addition, the most important thing is the security of buildings. If there is no engineering service in the buildings, that building is not a safe building ”.

However, Er, emphasizing that it is necessary to carry out ground surveys in order to know exactly how far a house is to the fault lines, said, ara Ground surveys are also made to existing buildings. It’s not just new buildings. Thereafter, concrete, iron and project suitability can be tested to see if it is a safe building. If the building is not intact, reinforcement can be made. If the ground is not intact, ground improvement can also be done.

Er said that the cities had to be safer than the planning, and for this, the municipalities and central administration had very big duties. You can find out if there is a fault line under or near your house. You may have difficulty accessing the site because of the density, if you do not reach the first time, we recommend that you try again occasionally.


With this Site, you can find out if a fault line has crossed under your home.
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