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Why Violence in Video Games Isn’t Really a Problem

With the recent widespread popularity of games and especially the declining age range, games involving violence have become a major topic of debate.

We like to play a lot of games. The idea of being involved in the action and the place we are in the adventure affects all of us on the screen. However, occasionally video games are referred to as ‘addiction’ and ‘slope of violence’. In this regard, a consensus has yet to be reached. We had a closely related issue with the subject in the past days, a 9-year-old girl wet the gold without going to the toilet at the cost of the play, exhibiting aggressive attitude to her family …

Of course, we do not want to face such situations and it is a fact accepted by everyone, especially when younger players do not mind playing games under their parents’ care. However, if such an ‘exception’ would make a general assessment by excluding groups of actors, according to many experts, the reality of violence in games is not really a reality.

Which idea does this idea hold?

Game developers, though we do not directly perceive it, add some things that will break reality with the game universe. The game menu is the clearest example of this. Apart from that, so are the camera angles that allow us to look at people from a human perspective and look at the world suddenly without actually looking at it. It’s always a matter of time before we identify with our characters while playing games. If this happens and the person repeatedly repeats it, there is a problem. But the universes of games never allow it.

For example, in LoL, it’s always the third person’s eyes to look at the game. We are dominating everything around us, and it keeps us in the game, but at the same time it prevents us from connecting directly with the character because our conscience knows ‘we really can not see it like this’. So we also have a reduced rate of personal connection with the game.

It is known that people who love to play games define it as a kind of ’emancipation and escape’. This ‘real hayattan escape’ actually supports the thesis that the violence is not a danger to the players. Because the actor knows from the very beginning that his place of escape is not related to reality. Moreover, we play many non-human characters in many of the games, which is an important factor in breaking the reality. We know that there are no elves or dwarfs, but when we create our character, we can choose these races.

we do not know if we will be able to find real violence in the game after becoming a conscious player. Of course, it is not possible for us to endorse the basic needs and education of the people who have suffered a nervous breakdown when they are disconnected from play, call out to the family when they are defeated, However, it is your greatest freedom to set your own limits and comply with them. Therefore, if your father says ‘get up to that computer now’, you will get rid of the computer, you will be aware of the time, all the problems will be solved.

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