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Why is Google adding Nintendo controller support to Chrome ?

Google, the new cloud gaming system days ahead of Chrome Nintendo Gamepad support brought.

Google is apparently working on integrating Nintdendo Switch controllers into Chrome. A recently discovered page on Google’s Chroumium Gerrit has the following title: ou Support the development of Nintendo Switch gamepad support ’.

Google, Neden Nintendo Gamepad Desteğini Chrome'a Ekliyor? ile ilgili görsel sonucu
“Google, the days before the cloud to announce the game system, Chrome Nintendo Switch gamepad support brings. This will be great.”

Google recently patented his gamepadin news that we have reported this project has been for gamepadin had made us think. One of the biggest advantages of the cloud gaming system is its ease of use. It is intriguing to be able to play the game you want by taking any game controller you have and connecting it to your computer.

There is one more thing that is happening as a rumor, but it is possible that Nintendo games are part of Project Stream. It seems to be quite fun to play Mario Kart or Smash Bros from your Chrome browser. That’s why Google has introduced its own gamepad and now supports the Nintendo Switch gamepad as a sign of the company’s future gaming industry.

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