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Why Do Car Tires Land In Cold Weather?

You may have noticed that the tires of your vehicles are deflated in cold weather. And have you thought about why? At low temperatures, the deflation of vehicle tires can be explained simply by science.

The vehicle owners must constantly check the weather of their vehicle’s tires. For this, new vehicles have indicators that indicate the condition of the tires. With these indicators, the tire pressure can be checked.

The air pressure of the tires is required to be checked as the air in the vehicle tire varies with the air temperature. It is a common situation that the tire pressure decreases due to the cold effect of the tires. So in cold weather, the tire gets flat or, in other words, the tire pressure drops?

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We need to talk about the ideal gas law before we talk about the tire pressure drop in cold weather. The ideal gas law is expressed by the formula P.V = n.R.T. The letters P, V, and T in the formula refer to pressure, volume, and temperature, respectively. N in the formula represents the number of atoms. R is the gas constant.

According to Charles Law, based on the Ideal Gas Law, the temperature of a fixed number of gas masses is directly proportional to the pressure and volume of the gas. That is, when the temperature increases, the pressure and volume increase, and when the temperature drops, the pressure and volume decrease.

Scientists say that the condition of the air in vehicle tires is not exactly explained by ideal gases, but there is a relationship between the temperature and pressure of the air in the tire. Craig Wiegert of the Georgia University of Physics says that at low temperatures the tires look flatter, and the reason for this is the reduced pressure. When the pressure of the air in the tire decreases, the area of ​​the tire touching the surface increases in order to balance the weight of the vehicle.

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Craig Wiegert says the tire doesn’t lose air in cold weather. Because there is no relationship between temperature drop and the mass of gas. At low temperatures, there is a decrease in pressure.

At low temperatures, you should check the tires of your vehicles a day in and day out, especially in autumn and winter. The life of tires that do not have the proper tire pressure is much shorter. In modern vehicles, the air pressure of the tire is controlled by pressure sensors.


Why Do Car Tires Land In Cold Weather?
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