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Who Will Be the Bad Character of Marvel Movies?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, at the same time, continues to blend in with the films that take a lot of stories together and come together in a row, and there is a question of who will be wicked in the minds.

The area covered by the Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing without slowing down. Together we have a story and a different universe, so much material that we start to see the new Marvel movie in the halls every two months. The time zones of the universes have also begun to mix, and it is very difficult to predict who the next characters will be.

Finally, we watched the Infinity War, the last of Avengers movies, where many characters came together and things got mixed up. When Thanos thinks we will see the end of one or the other, or at least we will see another evil in another time, we are wondering who the next one will be.

According to a theory by YouTube user Second End, the next worse is Galactus. It is based on an image of the Second Son of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In a film scene, there is a planet disappearing into the screens. Right next to this planet is a character with a painful expression. According to him, this face belongs to Galactus.

In his comics, Galan, who lived on Tae’s planet, was disappeared with his planet and then came back to Earth as Galactus. This information may also mean that we will see Galactus in subsequent movies. In fact, many of the characters, including Galactus, were at Fox, but with Disney’s purchase of Fox, this problem has been overtaken and claims have strengthened.

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