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Who was the first migration to America and for what reason?

Have you ever thought about how and when our first immigration was made before America became America? Let’s go back in history together and rediscover America.

As you know, America was a continent inhabited by Indians before it received immigration from Europe. So what was the pre? Traditional stories suggest that America took its first immigration from Siberia. According to the narratives, thousands of migrants went to America through Canada after the Ice Age.

However, researchers believe that such ideas are contrary to the evidence. A new theory is that Americans have passed through Alaska’s Pacific border to enter the continent.

A new geological study proves this. A research team from the University of Buffalo, examining the rocks and the mainland, says the Pacific migration route existed 17 years ago. “People are really curious about where their roots come from and how they came,” said Jason Briner, a geology research team at the University of Buffalo. said.

Alia Lesniak’s research is as follows: “There was a coastal route at that time, with the increasingly icy Siberian environment people wanted to descend to the South.” As a result; studies and research show that people migrating to America were mainly due to climate and living conditions. This means that it is wrong to say that Europeans are the first to migrate to America. Siberia is currently located in Russia. When we look at the ancestors of Americans, we see that Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries in Central Asia are common. Given the ongoing tension between Russia and the United States, this information can be very confusing.

Who was the first migration to America and for what reason?
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