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And Aleyna tilki is now 18 years old. Capabilities are familiar to anyone with Turkey and unknown songs on YouTube, Fox took the top Aleyna who is curious records. Here is Aleyna , the answer to your questions, where you are from, how old you are …




Aleyna (March 28, 2000, Konya) is a Turkish singer. In August 2016 the “Missed tinnitus” was recognized with a single voice that captures an outlet in Turkey.

aleyna tilki ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Life and career


On March 28, 2000, Aleyna came to the world in Konya as a mother of a Trabzon mother and a Konya dad. Capabilities are seen on television for the first time with the participation of Turkey contest. In August 2016, Turkish composer and arranger Emrah Karaduman took part as a vocal in the single “Missed Crying”. Singles YouTube clip, published in 2016 was the most-watched video clips in Turkey and was watched more than 300 million within a year. Thus, he captured the most watched Turkish song clip title. The song went up to number 2 in the MusicTopTR Official List. First solo single in July 2017 “You Olsen Bari”, was published in Turkey and was No. 1 in the same list.

Ä°lgili resim

Taking the stage at venues serving alcohol during the first months of output, on the grounds that under age 65. The Government drew reactions of Turkey. During a concert in November 2016, two handmade sound bombs were thrown into the room.




“Missed Tinnitus” (2016) – in Turkey

“You Olsen Bari” (2017) – in Turkey

Awards and nominations


2016 Radio Aydin Music Awards “Missing Tinnitus” won the duet of the year

2017 Golden Butterfly Awards Best Launching Aleyna Nomination

Best Clip “Sen Olsun Bari” Nomination

Song of the Year Nomination




Turkey speaks about two months, a daughter of pop even surpass the 16-year-old superstar and watching. Ability to influence everybody with the voice of Aleyna who is famous for your competition

aleyna tilki ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Despite its age, Aleyna, who has devastated millions, is developing a record every day. With an average of almost a million a day, it is also wondered about the future performance of Youtube. Aleyna Instagram, which is especially attracted to girls, and the number of followers on Twitter are biting their fingers.


How did Emrah Karaduman and Aleyna meet?


Emrah Karaduman stated that Aleyna first asked her whether she wanted to be involved in the project called “Powder Smoke” which she was about to complete during the competition program called Talent Sizsiniz. Emrah Karaduman who said that he could not be involved in the project due to Aleyna’s schedule stated that “this project has been done” and that this is better.




Aleyna Conservatory, who said she wanted to study psychology in an interview on a television program, stated that she was not an idea to enter and that she wrote a personal development philosophy book.

aleyna tilki ile ilgili görsel sonucu



Aleyna said, “Selda is a fan of Bagcilar. I’ve been listening to him since I was little. If I make a duet, I will do it with Selda Bagcan “.




Aleyna’s old images appeared. The 9-year-old singer says the song of The Last Kiss of Aslı Güngör.

aleyna tilki ile ilgili görsel sonucu



A young artist Aleyna gave a concert in Diyarbakir’s Kayapınar district and attacked with a handmade explosive device (EYP) by an unidentified person or persons.

aleyna tilki ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Six people were injured who were not listening to the artist.

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