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Which Version Of ios Do You Think is The Most Preferred?

Apple’s most recent iOS version, iOS 12, was available on September 2018. Since then, the iOS 12 usage rate has reached 88 percent.

Apple, the iOS usage rates in recent days, including many statistics announced to the public. According to statistics, iOS 12, the most current version of iOS, is the most widely used version of Apple ever used. According to the company’s data, iPhone, iPad and iPod models use iOS 12 at a rate of 88% as the current operating system.

According to the data published in May 2019, the iOS 12 usage rate was 85%. According to the shared statistics, the usage rate of the previous operating system iOS 11 is 7% and 5% of Apple-branded product owners continue to use operating systems older than iOS 11. These rates will vary with iOS 13, which will be available next month.

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iOS 13 will be available in September

Apple, as every year this year, the new version of the new iOS will be released with the devices will be available. The iOS 13 will be available in September 2019, and many features have become clear.

Some features that will come with iOS 13

  • Applications such as Bul Find My iPhone ”and“ Find Friends ”can be controlled from a single panel.
  • Night mode will be activated. This mode is expected to be time-sensitive. Users will also be able to activate this feature manually.
  • A completely redesigned photos app will be available.
  • Apple Maps will go through a series of changes. With these changes, frequently used locations such as home and workplace can be adjusted more easily and thus the desired location can be reached more easily.
  • Radical changes will come to the Messages application. In this way, users will be able to adjust many things such as profile photo and user name.

Apple, iOS 13 will be available next September with the use of iPhone 11s. iOS 13 and iPhone 11 will continue to offer information from the moment the device is introduced to you, stay informed to keep up with all the developments.

SUMMARY: iOS 12 became the most preferred iOS version with an 88 percent usage rate

Which Version Of ios Do You Think is The Most Preferred?
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