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Which Of The Dragon In Game Of Thrones Dies?

One of the dragons of Daenerys died in the eighth and final episode of Game of Thrones.

During the Game of Thrones series, the audience watched the transformation of Daenerys Targaryen into pre-prepared marriage and turned into a powerful figure spreading on two continents. Daenerys, meanwhile, became the mother of the three dragons, protected them since the time they were as cage birds, and brought them to the gigantic state we know.

However, the Game of Thrones world is not such a rosy place and there are also many dragons among the many characters who died during the series. The three dragons of Daenerys were called Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. Two of these dragons have died.

The Viserion was killed by an ice lance thrown by the Night King and even more strongly brought to life, or rather the zombie dragon.

The dragon was wounded with the spearheads of Sons of Harpy who had attempted to assassinate Daenerys until then and was later struck by Brice’s catapult in the Gold Train battle. Daenerys took it out and Dragon moved on.

In the final episode, Rhaegal was hit by the huge arrow of Euron Greyjoy. This is probably the last time we saw Rhaegal. In the last season, this dragon, which was taken by Jon Snow a few times, showed that no one or even dragons were safe in the battle for Iron Throne.

The final season of the Game of Thrones series continues on the HBO screens. At the end of this season, the final of the series will be held.

Which Of The Dragon In Game Of Thrones Dies?
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