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When Will Fortnite’s Season 9 Begin?

Coming soon, Fortnite’s 9th season is expected to bring players together, Epic Games, late in the past season did not realize the new season was realized very soon.

As Fortnite players know, the Volcano Event started. Adding many different elements and elements of fun to the game, this event means the end of Fortnite’s 8th season. Epic Games, Volcano Event after the end of the 9th season plans to meet with players.

According to some estimates, Fortnite’s 9th season will appear on May 9th. Of course, these are presumed to be an estimate, because there is no clear explanation from Epic Games. In addition, we recall that in the past seasons, Epic Games has made a lot of postponements, considering the moves of the previous season. In this period, such an effort Epic Games, maybe days after the new season can bring together players.

Of course, as in every season, the new season is expected to offer much cosmetic content to the players. After the season has been officially announced, it will be easy to learn the elements to be added to the game.

These are all known for the new season of Fortnite. We will be transferring you to Epic Games in the case of an official statement on the subject.

When Will Fortnite’s Season 9 Begin?
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