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What is Body Age? How is it calculated?

Your body may look and function much younger or older depending on your lifestyle.

Almost everybody knows the date of birth. But a body may have a younger or older appearance and function depending on the physical condition and life style! I mean, your chronological age can be quite different from your biological age. How is the actual age of your body and how is body age calculated? Now let’s look at him …

Body age calculation

1. Divide your hip measurement (cm) by waist measurement (cm). If it is less than 0.816, add your real age for 4 years.

2. Place the first two fingers of your right hand on the inside of your left wrist, just below your thumb. Count the number of strokes for 10 seconds, then multiply that number by six.

If you are 54-59, get 4 years out of your age.
If it’s 60-64, take 2 years.
If 65-72, add 1 year.
73-76, add 2 years.

3. Your back is upright, your legs are contiguous, and your arms sit at the shoulder level and in front. Next to your legs, mark the point just below your fingertips and then slowly move forward holding your legs straight. Mark the location of your fingers reach and measure the distance between the two marks in centimeters.

If 0-25, add 3 years.
If it is 25,1-37, add 2 years.
If it is 37,1-40, take 2 years.
If it is 40,1-48 +, take 3 years.

4. Continue pulling as many changes as you can (on the knees), holding your body on a straight line and lowering your chest to a 10 cm area.

If 0-30, add 2 years.
31-60, add 1 year.
If it’s 61-90, take 1 year.
If 91+, go for 2 years.

5. Rate according to the following questions …

I eat mostly once a day (including snacks).

Two: 1 point.
Three: 2 points.
Four: 3 points.
Five: 4 points.

I eat high fat or fried snacks.

Regularly (7 or more per week): 1 point.
Sometimes (4-6 times a week): 2 points.
Rarely (0-3 times a week): 3 points.
Never: 4 points.

I eat food or snacks containing fruit or vegetables.

Never: 1 point.
Rarely (1-5 times a week): 2 points.
Sometimes (6-9 times a week): 3 points.
Regularly (10 or more times per week): 4 points.

I consume trans fats, saturated fats and processed foods containing large amounts of sodium, nitrate, food chemicals and sugar.

Never: 1 point.
Rarely: 2 points.
Sometimes: 3 points.
Up and down every time: 4 points.

And according to the points you have, add or remove years of your age.

0-9 points: Add 3 years.
10-12 points: Add 2 years.
13-15 points: 2 years out.
16-17 points: 3 years out.

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