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What happens if the Earth’s magnetic field disappears?

Scientists have identified changes in the Earth’s magnetic field. Studies on the magnetic field have revealed that the magnetic field is weakened. What if Earth’s magnetic field is completely destroyed?

The Earth’s core is composed of metals in liquid form. The core of liquid metals allows the North and South Poles to function as a magnet. The magnetic field thus generated also protects the Earth from the winds of the sun.

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Scientists have discovered that the magnetic field has weakened for more than a century. But there’s nothing to be afraid of. It will take billions of years for the magnetic field to completely disappear. Scientists say that even if the magnetic field is completely destroyed, an apocalypse will not emerge.

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Most of the Earth’s magnetic field comes from molten iron and nickel in the outer core. John Tarduno, a geophysicist from the University of Rochester, announced that this magnetic field motor, known as a dynamo, has been in operation for billions of years. But it is not clear why this dynamon started. Tarduno and his team say that this dynamon, which provides the magnetic field, may have come from the effect of the moon.

The inner core of the Earth grows about 1 mm per year. The growth of the inner core causes the magnetic field to weaken. According to the researchers, the growth of the inner core against the outer core will cause the magnetic field to disappear at some point. However, the complete disappearance of the magnetic field will last billions of years.

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John Tarduno said the Earth’s magnetic field is 80 percent dipolar. This means that the magnetic field behaves like a bar magnet. But 20 percent of the magnetic field is not dipolar. This non-dipolar area causes complexities.

Earth’s magnetic field reversed in the past. In this way, the magnetic field effect in the north and south changed. The weakening of the area generally takes place before these turns. However, the magnetic field weakens from time to time and then becomes stronger again.

Tarduno and his team discovered that the vortices occurring in the part of the nucleus under South Africa contribute to the weakening of the magnetic field. This vortex causes the South Atlantic Anomaly, 300 miles east of Brazil. More than usual solar windfalls in the area of ​​the South Atlantic Anomaly. Low orbital satellites above this area are also exposed to the more solar wind.

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John Tarduno and his team believe that the core part of South Africa has triggered a reversal of the magnetic field in the past. According to the team’s research, the magnetic field will not disappear even if it is weakening or preparing to reverse. There is still no evidence that the magnetic field is lost as it reverses.

The researchers say that even if the magnetic field reverses, we will still have some magnetic field. But this magnetic field will be a minimal magnetic field. In this minimal magnetic field, compasses will no longer work. Because according to the researchers, the compasses will only point to the highest magnetic field. But this direction may not be north or a certain direction at that stage.

During the minimal magnetic field, the conditions of the satellites at the South Atlantic Anomaly may apply to all satellites. This can cause widespread technical failures. At the same time, the solar wind and the rays entering the ionosphere can cause the electrons in the orbits of the molecules to break. It prevents the transmission of high-frequency radio waves in these free-circulating electrons.

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Researchers, exposure to more solar wind due to minimal magnetic field may disrupt the ozone layer, he said. “There will probably be a much higher dose of radiation on the ground without a magnetic field, though it will probably not be a disaster for life,” said Martin Archer of Queen Mary University in London.

There is little evidence that past magnetic field changes affect life on Earth. Nevertheless, the magnetic field helped to prevent Earth’s atmosphere from disappearing. But it should not be forgotten that the absence of a magnetic field does not mean that there will be no atmosphere. Venus does not have a magnetic field but has an atmosphere. It should be borne in mind that the magnetic field does not protect the atmosphere by itself. Although Mars already has a magnetic field, it lost its atmosphere 4 billion years ago.

The evidence of the weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field is certain. According to the researchers, the reduction continues, but the magnetic field will take billions of years to disappear. This reduction may also indicate that Earth’s magnetic field will reverse. Even if the magnetic field is destroyed or reversed, it will not cause a disaster on Earth.

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