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what happens a wooden wheel is used in automobiles? | VİDEO

Plywood Wheel Powerslides: Will it Work??

The myth of the myth line What would happen if the Flintstones were real? The Hoonigans team sought answers to this question.

TheHoonigans channel, known for their crazy experiments and videos on cars on YouTube, looked for a very interesting question this time: If cars were fitted with wooden wheels, what kind of a driving experience would they have?

TheHoonigans team installed a special Audi 200 with 4 wooden tires and subjected the car to a series of tests. This state-of-the-art tire called ‘Plywood’ is a very good tool for the team that was used by the team to complete the wooden wheels.

Wooden wheels, the tool is about to stop sacking, the last ‘drift’ is still a successful job on the subject. Without wasting any time, let us leave you alone with the new part of Scumbag Labs: Plywood:

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