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What Are The Secret Colors Of The Moon

  • Photographer Uses 150K Moon Photos to Reveal Its Hidden Colors

  • An American photographer brought together 150,000 moon photographs to reveal the hidden colors of the celestial body.

The fact that we think that all parts of the moon are of the same color are due to the misdirection of the video footage and general moon descriptions, and the fact that some colors are much more intense and stronger than others.

Photographer Andrew McCarthy, using 150,000 photographs of our planet’s unique satellite, has created a study of different colored lights. Normally, different minerals on the moon surface shine in different colors under sunlight.

The artist took this photo when he photographed our satellite to create a 81-megapixel moon. The artist says that this image is the image that our brain will see if it chose the colors better.

Blue colors show high titanium content, while orange are low titanium containing basalt. McCarthy, these photos Orion XT10 telescope, Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro computerized equatorial support, ZWO ASI224MC color astronomy camera and Sony a7 II full frame mirrorless camera.

142 thousand photos ZWO, 2000 photos Sony and hundreds of photos were taken with 300mm lens. Artist then AutoStakkert these images! and Photoshop. Finally, the McCarthy contract, which lığı raises the color to 11 “, sets the sharpness and brightness.

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