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What are the safest seats in vehicles?

Almost all vehicles have various measures to protect the passengers themselves and the most important one is undoubtedly seat belts. However, you can also ensure your safety with the seats you choose.

There are a number of rules to consider when traveling, and the majority of them cover personal safety. Seat belts are very important in motor vehicles, and it is very important to have a life jacket for ship trips. However, there are other measures that you can take, for example, the seats you sit. Here are the safe seats you can sit according to your vehicle:

With the development of technology, safety measures in cars are increasing. According to a report in the New York Times, the front seats are the safest seats for passengers aged 55 and over. According to the same news, however, the accident detection sensors in the vehicles are located in the rear, and therefore the safest seats in the cars become rear seats.

Whether you prefer rear seats in airplanes:


According to an analysis by Popular Mechanics, passengers seated in the tail of the aircraft are 40% more likely to survive an accident than those sitting in the front. According to an analysis by Time, the people in the back center seat have a good chance of surviving. Of course, experts say that each accident has its own special situation.

The safest places on trains are medium wagons:

When traveling by train, be sure to choose one of the central wagons. In this way, you will be as far away from accidents or derailments as possible. In addition, if you prefer the rear-facing seats, in the event of sudden braking, you will stick more to your seat than to jump out of your seat.

: Prefer middle seats in buses:

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To increase your safety in buses, choose the middle row seats. Also, be sure to sit on the two seats opposite the traffic. This way, you will be very safe against the rear and front accidents.

Be sure to choose lower decks or cabins for ferries:

In calm waters, all the seats on the ferries are safe, but in the more aggressive waters, you can achieve the least impact from shaking by taking place on the lower deck. This also means that you can be protected against seasickness and against objects flying in the air.

What safety precautions do you take on your journeys? You can also share the security measures you have taken yourself in the comments section.

What are the safest seats in vehicles?
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