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What are ‘atmospheric rivers’ carrying water in the sky?

We are used to seeing the rivers on which water is carried. What if we talk about atmospheric rivers that are the vapor of water?

Rivers are natural structures that combine water with the larger water bodies. What if we talk about the rivers in the sky that are the vaporous state of water?

There are many researches about atmospheric rivers. One of them was conducted by Francina Dominguez of the University of Illinois. Dominguez says that atmospheric rivers are long and narrow corridors with heavy water vapor. This definition had emerged in the early 1990s in a journal published by meteorologists Reginald Newell and Yong Zhu.

Atmospheric rivers are hundreds of kilometers long and hundreds of kilometers wide.

Dominguez says that the rivers in the sky are typically formed on the oceans. In addition, the rivers in the sky can move much faster than the rivers on the land. Moreover, atmospheric rivers are shown as one of the reasons for the heavy rainfall in the western United States.

Chile, Australia, South Africa and Western Europe are among the regions where the atmospheric rivers are heavily influenced. According to Dominguez’s report, atmospheric rivers account for 90% of the humidity in these areas.

Let’s add that this natural phenomenon contributes the most to the distribution of water vapor in the world.

What are ‘atmospheric rivers’ carrying water in the sky?
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