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We Just Got More Compelling Evidence That The Moon Is Loaded With Water

A meteorite found in an African settlement and found to come from the Moon, there were traces of the Moon indicating that there could be abundant water.

A meteorite called moganite was found in the meteorite studied by Tohoku University researchers. This mineral needs water to form, so there is a new addition to the evidence of water present in the moon.

For the first time, scientists announced the discovery of this mineral in a meteor from the Moon.

It was thought that there was no water in the Moon for a long time. Though this is true for the surface part, it has begun to be given that there is plenty of ice in the bottom of the Moon’s surface. The addition of these meteorites to the data obtained up to this time has greatly increased the possibility of water in the moon. But we have no idea where these waters are.

According to some researches, the accumulations of water in the Moon are gathered towards the poles. According to other research, they are spreading more regularly all over the planet.

Could it have occurred after these mineral meteors fell on our planet? According to experts, the answer is “no”. Because if this were the case, it would have to be found in all the samples examined. However, only one of the meteorites studied was found in this miner; which indicates that the mineral is out of the world.

As a result, according to the explanations of the researchers, for the first time there was evidence of the presence of ice in the meteors from the Moon. Although there is very little water in the moganite mineral due to the evaporation of the water, it is generally possible to have much more water under the moon surface. Because the surface protects the lower layers from the sun’s rays and prevents the water from evaporating and escaping.

The researches on meteorite samples are still going on, so let’s see if we can meet this mineral more …

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