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We Have Identified How Nuclear Activities Affect Our Planet.

Even today, some countries continue their nuclear activities, while a group of scientists concludes research on this issue. A recent study found that nuclear activities during the Cold War affected the organisms in the ocean.

Nuclear tests, even if they are carried out for a number of purposes, cause serious damage to our planet. Scientists wanting to know how far nuclear activities are taking place, they have produced scary data.

A recent study found that the carbon produced by the Cold War tests during the Cold War affected the crustaceans in the Mariana Trench and the life of the rest of the ocean. As you know, the Mariana Pit is now the deepest point known on the surface of our planet. The depth is 10.994 meters. To better understand the depth of the pit, it is worth recalling that Mount Everest is 8,848 meters.

The study, which determined that the tests in the Cold War period affected marine life, showed the marine food chain of marine organisms as the reason for the spread of radioactive carbon. Ning Wang from the Chinese Academy of Sciences said that the progression of radioactive carbon in the oceans can last for centuries, but the food chain has greatly accelerated this process.

Although our planet is not seriously affected by the damages of these activities, scientists who stated that future nuclear activities should be taken into consideration, stated that marine life will be in serious danger in 60 years as long as they continue in this way.

We Have Identified How Nuclear Activities Affect Our Planet.
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