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We Freeze The Poles: Scientists Are Trying New Ways To Counter Climate Change

A new research center to be established in the UK will focus on climate change and will carry out large-scale projects to minimize damage to our planet or to occur.

Scientists in the UK are preparing to build a research center where some methods can be tested in order to repair the damage that occurs in the atmosphere of our planet. The center will be established in Cambridge and will focus on methods such as freezing poles, carbon dioxide extraction from the atmosphere.

The reason for the establishment of the center is that the damage to our planet has reached the upper dimensions and the existing methods cannot prevent it. The research center, which will be the first in this area, is expected to make significant reductions in carbon emissions. Dr. Emily Shuckburgh says the center’s aim is to solve the climate problem.

How to Arrange the Poles?

Drawing attention to the melting in the poles, the project will use an interesting method to freeze poles. The waters taken from the sea will be sprayed into the sky with long chimneys, and thus the sea of ​​salt will be transferred to the clouds. So the clouds will stay cooler than six.

Carbon Dioxide Recycled

Carbon dioxide gas from buildings such as coal power plants and steel mills will be drawn and stored underground. The carbon will then be converted to synthetic fuel and used for transport.

The oceans will be greened

An interesting method would be to green the oceans and reduce carbon dioxide. Even though it seems a little strange, iron particles will be released into the ocean and iron will provide more nutrition to the algae. This will increase the number of algae on the sea surface. Algae will contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide by photosynthesis.

Besides this method, previously tried and not enough carbon dioxide was observed. In addition, the result was negative for the damage and cost to the ocean.

However, Prof. Callum Roberts states that it is imperative to bear some circumstances. This method of environmental damage, climate change should be acceptable considering the damage that is expressed.

But the ocean physicist from Cambridge University. Peter Wadhams says the side effects of these projects should be taken into consideration and the methods alone will not be enough to reduce CO2 emissions.

We Freeze The Poles: Scientists Are Trying New Ways To Counter Climate Change
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