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The development of 3D printer technology has made itself indispensable in many industries, from the defense industry to the industry. But now these are included in our homes.

Low-cost desktop 3D printers represent the aspect of this printing technology that is more accessible and affordable. Now you do not have to go to any adventure to find these types of printers, because all you have to do is order and wait. Nik Ivanov, who made an initiative in this regard and made his own camcorder, was able to attract a lot of attention in the Internet world.

Nik Ivanov took the issue in general and realized that he could create a whole system of systems that could print small pieces of this technology. Nik then helped build a four-wheel traction platform with help from some electronic devices and M3 screws. Moreover, it should be noted that this tool is rather cute rather than useful.

The size of this new Rover platform, named “Watney-4” by Nik is 120mmx190mm. So any desktop 3D printer that can produce a body as large as it is, it’s enough to create your own walking camera platform. Nik prints all parts with PETG (raw materials available in 3D printers) for the production of some specific parts, such as transmission gears. Because this material provides the most detailed and durable shape of the upper and lower parts of the body. Nik recommends TPU material for tires, but if you do not have TPU, you can wrap around the wheels with any soft plastic or material to get a soft rubber tread.

As for the materials used in the vehicle. This is the main center of the Rover platform, creating the Raspberry Pi Zero W chips. Designed to serve many purposes, these open-source chips offer benefits to users in every way. Of course, this chip is not enough to build the car. In addition, to create the interfaces of the dual-gear motor, a servo motor with a tilt is required along with the L298N H dual motor driver card and the SainSmart camera module.

The result is that when we look at it, it is quite interesting but we see that it is a fun, handy device that demands labor but provides its counterpart. Perhaps the reason why 3D printer technology is so popular and widespread is that it is not the limit of its immense capabilities. Because the only limit here is your imagination.

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