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WatchOS 5.3 for Apple Watch Released: New Features Here

Apple’s smartwatch operating system used in watchOS version 5.3 released. The released version re-introduces the radio feature that Apple has recently removed for security reasons.

The new version of watchOS, the operating system Apple uses for smartwatches, has been released. With the release released as watchOS 5.3, a feature Apple removed earlier this month was available again.

Apple’s smartwatches announced in June, which will be used in the new operating system watchOS 6 released a few months despite the release of watchOS 5.3 brought to the features of the watch brought closer.

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Before touching on the features of watchOS 5.3, if you own an Apple smartwatch and have not yet updated this operating system, you need to go to the Apple Watch app on your smartphone and access its settings menu. If you access the “Software Update” section from the “General” submenu under this menu, watchOS 5.3 will start downloading to install on your smartphone. However, it should be reminded that the charge of your smartwatch should be at least 50 percent.

Earlier this month, Apple discontinued the radio feature that allowed smart watch users to communicate with each other due to a security vulnerability. Apple has made statements about this vulnerability, nobody is affected and announced that the necessary work will be done. Apparently this vulnerability has been resolved in watchOS 5.3. If you start using the new operating system, you can also re-use the radio feature of your smart watch.

It doesn’t seem possible to say that watchOS 5.3 has a new feature besides the radio. Before switching to watchOS 6, it is understood that the company released this update to re-offer a feature that it removed.

WatchOS 5.3 for Apple Watch Released: New Features Here
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