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Watch SpaceX’s droneship catch a rocket part that fell from space

SpaceX wants long-lasting and re-usable vehicles for space travel. Therefore, they are developing methods to make the fall safe. One of these methods, the moments of capturing parts with drone ships, was shared by the company.

SpaceX’s two-stage rocket Falcon 9 has recently moved the AMOS-17 communications satellite to its place in the atmosphere. This is the third flight of the Falcon 9. The rotation of the rocket could not be visualized because the rocket had to go a long way to take the satellite into the atmosphere, but we have another flashy image: the moments of the bonnet being caught by the ship.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared a video of his moments of rocket bonnet capture on Twitter.


The bodywork in the video forms a protective shield used to protect the Falcon 9 rocket’s payloads. When the rocket overcomes the atmosphere and reaches the space, this protection leaves and falls back to the planet. A remotely controlled ship catches these falling parts.

SpaceX hadn’t been able to capture some of the pieces before. Over time, the task force seems to have improved itself.

Recently, New Zealand-based space flight company Rocket Lab has announced that it will head towards reusable rockets. The company will not catch the falling coatings, but they are thinking of catching the rockets on the turn with helicopters in the air.

Watch SpaceX’s droneship catch a rocket part that fell from space
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