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Watch Out! New Cryptocurrency-Mining Android Malware is Spreading Rapidly

The virus that infects devices using port 5555 is written on the previously known ‘Mirai’ botnet, which crashes the networks of large companies.
Due to recent increases in crypto money prices, cyber attackers have begun targeting almost every operating system, including IoT, Android, and Windows. The malicious software used by attackers is accelerating the processor power of the machine that is infected with crypto digs.

Kaspersky antivirus researchers discovered that they had a respite, monello crypt money they made in the past month, fake anti-virus and porn Android applications that made DDoS attacks. This software causes the phone battery to be used extensively.

Now, according to a Qihoo 360 Netlab, a Chinese IT security firm, a new Android software that detects and spreads the machines that detect vulnerabilities that can be installed by ADB.Miner, the digital money-saving software, is spreading rapidly.

According to researchers, ADB.Miner is the first Android virus to use scan code programmed in Mirai. Mirai is an IoT botnet software that crashed its networks last year by deploying dense DDoS attacks on well-known Internet companies’ Dyndns system.

ADB.Miner is infecting devices by scanning Android devices with open access ADB compiler interface running on port 5555, such as a smartphone, smart TV, and making monologues called Monero for the producers of the program.

All Android devices, however, are offered for use with the ADB port closed. For this reason, the devices that the botnet virus can target are only the devices where port 5555 is manually activated.

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