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Volkswagen’s Legendary Van is Back With Electricity!

Volkswagen has announced that it will bring back the Beetle (VosVos) model electrically with its previous announcement, preparing to resurrect a legend.

In 1920 and 70 ‘s the minibus called’ hippie van ‘in our country became a serious symbol of the American subculture. This model, which has been produced continuously for almost 60 years and has lost nothing in sight, has been removed from production due to security problems in 2013.

With no airbags and no ABS, Volkswagen does not want to take any more risks with the car and is preparing to bring the vehicle to an incredible level both in terms of design and technology. This model, which will crowd the classic look with a new generation touch, will be all nature-friendly and electrically designed. At the beginning of 2017, the concept of the new minibus is shared. Buzz.

Volkswagen’s new minivan will be covered with touch screens that gradually become standard on the next generation vehicles and will not contain any buttons or buttons. The vehicle will also include visual panels with increased realism and laser scanners placed on the roof to facilitate driving. The new Volkswagen in 369 horsepower can be charged in close to 40 minutes and can travel up to 482 kilometers in full charge.

The device can do with a maximum speed of 160 kilometers, 0-100 Km only 5 seconds can go out. The price of this magnificent car, which also has nice features like locking and unlocking with your mobile phone, has not yet been determined. Under CES 2018, the model we expect to acquire another piece of information will be opened in pre-order in 2022 and will be sold in 2023. What do you think, do you enjoy the design of the new Volkswagen?

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