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Video Showing The Amazing Zoom Capability Of The Hubble Telescope

NASA released a video to show the power of the Hubble Telescope. The published video contains 265 thousand sky-names.

As you know, the Hubble Space Telescope was released into space in 1990. It is being used today by people of knowledge to discover the universe. Although there are many telescopes in space, this telescope is both the largest and the most advanced telescope.
To demonstrate the power of the telescope, which has undertaken many tasks in the exploration of space, NASA has released a video. The underlying reason for NASA to broadcast this video is to show the power of the telescope in a clearer way.

The telescope is so powerful that it is almost impossible to show the images it takes, the actual size. If you want to open a high-quality photo taken by Hubble in real size, you need to combine more than 600 HD TVs (the Andromeda Galaxy’s photo consists of 1.5 billion pixels. You can reach that photo here. being). As such, NASA found it more logical to publish the video of this extraordinary telescope. Here is the video that is shared on YouTube and shows the power of the Hubble Space Telescope:

In the video, it can be seen that the telescope is approaching slowly from its most distant point to its center.

This image, created from 7,500 separate exposures, contains 265 thousand celestial islands. The telescope’s zooming power is the kind of person that will keep your mouth open. This telescope has been improved several times as long as it has survived since 1990. Sometimes it is closed during the necessary maintenance. The Hubble Space Telescope will always be a favorite of NASA.

Video Showing The Amazing Zoom Capability Of The Hubble Telescope
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