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Verified Account Support Came to the whatsApp Web

WhatsApp has released a new update, raising the Web version to 0.2.7304. In the mobile application, version 2.17.364 which changes emoji sets is in the beta process.
WhatsApp has released WhatsApp Web version 0.2.7304 users, releasing a new update for the Web version. Remember to clear your browser front to use the latest version of WhatsApp Web.

What’s new, WhatsApp Web 0.2.7304 and what changes are in WhatsApp beta 2.17.364?

New Emoji Designs

With the new version of the mobile app, WhatsApp went for an enhancement in emoji sets and applied new emoji designs to Android and Windows Phone. Developers are not planning on going to an emoji change on iOS anytime soon, because they need to add a custom keyboard.

Approved Accounts

Not all of them; Now WhatsApp recognizes approved business accounts on the web.

If you make correspondence with WhatsApp Web via an approved account, the business account will look like this.

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