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Valve appears to be cracking down on sexual content in some Steam games

Steam has been criticized for not following a coherent policy on adult content, and that’s why it comes to the fore.

Valve came up with a warning on Steam 3 games to restrict adult content. The three exciting games also come to the forefront with their anime-style visuals.

One of the games is “Mutiny !!”. The maker of the game, Lupiesoft, has been warned by Valve on the grounds that the game reports “pornographic content”. The producer says that the nude of sexy games is inherent and that no ploy in the game is contrary to Valve’s principles of use. MangaGamer, the publisher of the game, has also been seen with Valve before and has received approval in this regard.

HuniePop is the other game that receives a warning. The game, developed by HuniePot, has 8 girl characters each with different personality and scripture. You can change the looks of these girls from beginning to end and you are preparing yourself for a meeting. When the meeting goes well, the meeting ends with the stadium in the bedroom.

The third game is Tropical Liquor, developed by Tentacle Games. The game, based on color matching and girlfriend, will also be removed from Steam if it does not go into restricted adult content until the end of the month.

Is Valve editing content for an adult that includes all the games on Steam, or is it specific to these games? it seems like we will soon learn the answer.

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