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US Has Put a New Method of Execution

The House of Representatives of the Alabama State has accepted a law confirming the execution of persons to be executed by nitrogen gas when the poisoned needles cannot be used.

It was accepted that the United States would implement a new method for the execution of criminals sentenced to death in the state of Alabama. According to the new penal execution method adopted by the Alabama Chamber of Representatives, when the use of poisoned needles is not possible, nitrogen gas shall be used for the execution of the offense.

Republican Jim Hill, a member of the Alabama House of Representatives, said that to suppress the controversy over the new method of execution, humane, fast and painless. ” Democratic representative Thomas Jackson said, “We had electric chairs in the past, now we are going back to the gas chambers.”

Those opposed to the new method of execution are worried about the pain or suffering of the person to be executed because the method has not been used so far. But Alabama State will not be the first state to use nitrogen gas for execution. Previously enacted laws and ordinances in Oklahoma and Mississippi provinces were also adopted with nitrogen.

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