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Updated WhatsApp, iOS and Android Beta Applications: All Innovations.

WhatsApp updates iOS and Android beta applications has offered many new features to users. Some of the new features that are not available are available in our article.

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging application, has updated both iOS and Android beta applications. The update for iOS beta brings new emojis for notifications and chats from group chats, while the update for the Android beta application makes it even more functional.

The update to the iOS beta via the TestFlight Beta Program takes the application to version When you receive a message from any WhatsApp group that you are included with the update, the notification bubble contains an emoji as you have seen in the above image. Also, with the update, two LGBT emojis that came to the Android beta application were added to the application.

The Android beta update via the Google Play Beta Program improves WhatsApp’s ability to play YouTube, Instagram and Facebook videos in voicemail and Picture in Picture mode. With the update, the application is upgraded to version 2.19.86.

WhatsApp’s voicemail is a very useful feature for users who don’t want to write long text messages. But when you receive multiple voice messages, it can be annoying to start all messages one by one. The mesaj unread mamış voice messages from a chat together with the update are all started automatically one after another.

WhatsApp is also updating the Picture in Picture mode with the new update. Thanks to the feature in Picture 2.0, it is now possible to watch videos not only on WhatsApp, but even on the home screen. But in order to watch videos from WhatsApp chats on any screen, WhatsApp needs to be running in the background.

Most of the innovations to both Android and iOS beta have been added to the application’s code, but have not yet been made available to users. WhatsApp continues to improve features that are not yet open to access. These features will be available to users in future updates.

Updated WhatsApp, iOS and Android Beta Applications: All Innovations.
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