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Ultra Realistic iPhone XI Concept from Turkish Designer

Turkish designer MUBERRA UÇAR offers a beautiful view of Apple’s new palace jewels with ultra-realistic iPhone XI designs.
In recent weeks, the iPhone XI, the iPhone XIR and the iPhone XI Max are almost every days a leak is taking place. It is quite possible to imagine what new generation iPhone will look like in this abundance of leaks, rumors, and predictions.

Turkish designer MUBERRA UÇAR has created true-sized concept designs for 2019 model iPhones, considering analyst reports, leaks and rumors. These designs clearly show what you should expect from new iPhones.

The size of the notch was one of the biggest expectations of Apple fans. MUBERRA UÇAR’s designs show that Apple will not go down. The biggest change in the design of the devices is on the rear camera.

Apple will offer a new design for triple camera installation. This design will be very similar to the Huawei Mate 20’s square design camera. Otherwise, these cameras will be placed on the side of the device in a triangular shape.

We can say that the camera design in concept images does not create a pleasant appearance due to its asymmetrical stance and projection. Probably Apple will close its gap in camera performance and design.

The most interesting detail about the cameras is the fact that the iPhone XI has two cameras, but it has a square camera module like a triple camera setup. Whether or not Apple makes such a choice is not certain, but it does not look very nice.

Ultra Realistic iPhone XI Concept from Turkish Designer
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