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Twitter has made statements about the Access problem.

Twitter users, the famous social media network access problem for some time, he says. Twitter made a statement about the access problem.

Twitter has been experiencing access problems for some time. Users have reported access issues and complaints from other social media networks around the world. Users report that many features are currently unavailable.

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Users who expressed the problem of access to Twitter, tweets, tweet viewing and notified that they had problems with receiving issues. Some users said they could not view TT lists.

After the problem reached a wide audience, Twitter made a statement about the issue and confirmed the existence of the problem. In a statement made by the company, it is stated that the studies are continuing for the solution of the problem.

What’s happening on Twitter right now?

  • Looks like foreign accounts between people you’re going to text with while sharing tweets via DM,
  • Agenda does not load,
  • Both accounts are in the foreground,
  • Notifications cannot be delivered instantly
  • Cannot play videos,
  • Tweet planning tool Tweetdeck not working,
  • Messages arrive late,
  • Some old messages come back to notification,
  • Part of the settings screen does not work,
  • Cannot skip tweets with media.

We will continue to inform you about the problems on Twitter, stay tuned.

Twitter has made statements about the Access problem.
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