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Twitter brought Photo, Video, and GIF Insert to Retweeted Content

Twitter, with its new feature, allows users to add photos, videos or GIFs to the content they retweet.

Twitter, the world’s most popular micro-blog site, brought the ability to add photos, videos, and GIFs to the kullanıc Retweet gönder feature, in order for users to more clearly express their ideas and feelings about the shipments they face. The new feature is available in both desktop and mobile applications. If you don’t see the new feature, be sure to keep your app and browser up to date.

You can use the tools you use to create a new tweet to add a media file while using the Retweet feature. Tap the in retweet edit button below the tweet you want to share first. Then touch ’Retweet by in the comments. In the window that opens, use the media tools at the bottom and add the desired media to your retweet.

The ability to add media to retweets is a feature that is appreciated for the better expression of emotions and thoughts, but the design of the feature is not much appreciated. The original tweet is contained in a small window when you add a retweet media. The media you add is displayed in full size. That’s why the tweeters see a small portion of the original tweet and focus entirely on the media you share.

Twitter brought Photo, Video, and GIF Insert to Retweeted Content
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