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Toyota’s New Patent, Thieves Choke To Pepper Gas

The new Toyota patent has a surprise for vehicle thieves; they eat the fiskeyi from the car itself before justice.

Apparently, Toyota’s future plans have a very unpleasant surprise for vehicle thieves.

Last summer, Toyota filed a patent application for the customizable perfume diffuser model. The job of the patent is very simple, the person who uses the tool, the technology from the diagnosis, distributes the person’s favorite fragrance. Of course, if the vehicle is forced to enter, then the car is filled with pepper gas.

Some vehicles currently on the market already have perfume spreaders. Toyota’s claim is that the models are the first to be personalized and can be used as a gun.

According to the transferred information, the new patent recognizes the person approaching the vehicle remotely and spreads his / her favorite smell before getting on the vehicle. While Apple will soon design a face scan technology for vehicles, Toyota’s system will now work with a smartphone paired with a vehicle.

Toyota is expected to implement this patent in the coming years, but the pepper gas is expected to stay away from our vehicles at first. The idea of ​​placing pepper gas in the ventilation system of the cars, where we carry our friends, our family, our loved ones, does not seem like an idea that everyone will accept.

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