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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Foreign Language Education (Android – iOS) Free

In addition to a lot of things to learn a foreign language, you can speed up your language training with a variety of applications that you can download to your smartphones.

When learning a foreign language, it is important to be intertwined with your language. What applications can be used to develop a foreign language in our smart phones that hold an important place in our lives? We look at it all together.

Note: All applications in the content are free.


Listening to real-life dialogues is an important issue in English learning. Voscreen provides you with videos from a variety of English content, allowing you to be constantly intertwined with English. After the video is displayed, you are asked to mark the Turkish language in English. In addition, the application is not only in Turkish, but because there are many language options you can choose if you want to translate it in another language.

The application, which has many videos from movie sequences to various tutorial videos, has five different categories. Voscreen organizes the content according to the category you choose, for example with the category “voRhythm”, it offers you different word quantities and displays videos accordingly. You can download this fun and tutorial application from the links below.


In addition to English, German, Russian, Korean, French, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Italian options, the application is hosting some great features. The application, which includes various exercises for learning a foreign language, identifies the objects you look at from your camera and shows the translation in foreign language.

In order to improve your speaking skills, Memrise provides a number of chats to help you build chats with various scenarios. You can download this useful application from the links below.


Another application that will allow you to improve your English is Duolingo. The application also offers German and Russian courses as well as English and Turkish language. The application, which also includes voiceovers, is also useful for recognizing words in terms of narration. It is also worth mentioning that the application interface is quite nice.

You can download the Duolingo application from the links below.



Cambly lets you speak with native English speaking instructors at the language level. The application which is useful for practicing English allows you to make decisions by examining the profiles of the professors.

You can also request a random teacher with the minutes you have in practice. You can download the application from the links below.


With different courses, Busuu has a beautiful interface, which aims to teach you a new language. Busuu lets you start your lessons by saying that you are at the end of an essay exam. You can also start using the application if you do not want to take the trial exam.

You can download Busuu from 12 different languages.

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