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Time travel SHOCK CLAIM: Man from the ‘year 2030’ says ALIENS become ALLIES with the US

Expressions of a time traveler claiming to have come from 2030 over the past few months, with the YouTube channel Apex TV creating the agenda.

The timekeeper, referring to possible future events, said that in the latest announcements, people will be allied with aliens. There is a man who has been on agenda for months with the nickname Noah. Speaking on YouTube channel Apex TV, this man hides his identity and recently announced that all mankind will learn to explore the time lane. We say that you will learn because the time travel technology discovered at the beginning of the 2000s according to the accounts is hidden from the world public opinion. When it comes a time, necessary declarations will be announced to the world.

Noah tells me that he is a state agency and that this type of time agent will be made in the future. After leaving his post, Noah, day-to-day, explains what they will see and do in the future. On their own terms, these discourses are very real and true. The world media is beginning to show interest in Noah because of his insistence, not because of his explanations.

Apex TV made a phone call to this mysterious man two days ago, linking it to a question and answer for over an hour and a half:

Of course, the truth of these statements is hard to believe. It can also be done in a very simple way. Noah’s words are very interesting.

Noah asked one of the questions asked, “We will meet the aliens, and in the future, almost all states of the world, except some societies, will make our ally with them. The United States will answer this agreement. ” It does not give any details unless you take the argument that the answer creates.

The time traveler also refers to the Trump claims he has already mentioned. According to him, in 2020 US Presidential Election, Donald Trump will be re-elected and elected. After the second and last period, the person who will sit in the presidential seat will become a new black leader.

After Obama, the person who will take the presidency from Trump as the black leader will be Yolanda Renee King. Yolanda King is the grandson of Martin Luther King, leader of the political world.

Noah says, “In the future, they will reduce the age of electing a president, and the president will be elected to keep Yolanda’s age.” Then, as it seems possible today, III. He says that World War II will take place with as few soldiers and people as possible, but it does not give much detail.

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