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Tim Cook: Close Many Notifications on Your iPhone, I did

Tim Cook, who attended the TIME 100 event, said that they were annoyed by phone dependencies and reduced some notifications to iPhones.

Tim Cook, who was a speaker at TIME 100, an event where Time magazine selected the most influential people of the year, made some information about the agenda. One of the biggest problems of today, which is annoying phone addiction for the company, said Apple CEO Tim Cook, iPhone phone notifications are therefore reduced. In his speech, Cook said, “We never wanted to maximize Apple’s user time.” used.

Cook, who gave examples of his speech, said that he was thinking about the notifications of his phone. Cook, stating that the number of notifications that you need to take into your life and steal from his life stating that the phone, many announcements on the phone closed, the users said they should do it if they have iPhones. According to Tim Cook, his statements did not make him a better person. Tim Cook’s words that affect the audience was as follows: “If you do not look at the other people’s face as much as you look at the screen of your phone, you are on the wrong path.”

Apple’s 2018 introductory meeting held in iOS versions of the screen time feature was much talked about.
With the duration of the display, the time spent by the users on their phones can be tracked, and the parents were limiting the time spent by their children on the phone.

Thanks to the incoming feature, we could stop ourselves by giving each application a special time, but what were we doing before this feature coming? What did Apple do in order to prevent users from being dependent on these phones until the last year since the first day of the App Store’s debut in 2008?

This issue, which is highly debated over social media, has actually caused Apple to be a little harmful. In the first version of the App Store, Facebook ads were done too, and Apple didn’t make any improvements about application-specific notification options.

Tim Cook: Close Many Notifications on Your iPhone, I did
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