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Thor’s New ‘Infinity War’ Weapon Has Roots in Marvel Comics History

Thor’s Avengers: In the Infinity War, Groot will give a hand to the god Norwegian god to create a new weapon, and this will probably be a new giant ax-hammer.

Today a Reddit user has shared Thor’s new game on the Infinity War and said it will be called “Stormbreaker”. Thor: If you watched Ragnarok filming you remember; Thor had lost his attractiveness after the attack of his elder brother, whom he could not take. Because in the film Thor had found the way to use his powers unarmed, but he would need all the power to fight Thanos. This new Marvel player confirms that Thor’s new weapon is a kind of ax-hammer.

“In Marvel’s Ultimate series, Mjolnir, developed by scientists, used by Thor, the alterist of the mainstream,

One side of Thor’s new weapon will be the ax and the other side of the hammer. Of course, new technology and developing creativity will combine these two bodies in a more aesthetic way. We can say that the handle of the gun will be wood from both the comic book and Groot. On the other hand, the new weapon will be better than Thor’s classical attractor. Conceptually, it will be quite similar to some other weapons we have seen in Marvel comic books before.

“Beta Ray Bill, a side character we saw in comic books, Thor: I saw a side view of Hulk’s head in Ragnarok with a short view of the champions on the building”

Stormbreaker” is actually known as the name of an ax-hammer hybrid, given to a character named Beta Ray Bill, whose Thor was once a rival and then cleared by Odin. After two wars for hammer-possessing and Thor’s new weapon again, Odin is creating the Stormbreaker from Uru metal, the hammer material. In this way, both heroes have a completely crazy mystical silk.

“The magical ax named Jarnbjorn, which he used frequently before he was worthy of Mjolnir, and which he often used in recent numbers as he lost his grip on comic books,

Many fans said that in the Infinity War Thor could also use a version of Jarnbjorn, the ax he used after he lost interest in comic books. This weapon is known to be a tool Thor uses when he is not worthy of gravity, that is, when he is a young Viking, and once again worthless. Thor: If we think of Asgard in Ragnarok, it is doubtful to establish this comic link.

According to some people, in Infinity War the situation is much different. Thor develops a new weapon to himself, but only the head of the attractor. When it comes to shaping the hammer, he wants help from the Protectors of his new friend, the Galaxy. The handle of the gun is said to be a giant of Groot. Although this is a bad situation, we have seen how Groot has fed himself for his friends and the universe, and he can do the same again. Meanwhile, the toy image shared in Reddit is as follows:

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