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This Telescope Could Allow Us To ‘See’ Extraterrestrial Life For The First Time.

In France, scientists installed a new telescope system called “NenuFAR”. Scientists aim to capture radio frequency from planets outside the Solar System through this telescope system. The work of the new telescope system will be accompanied by the existing telescopes.

Scientists continue to work on the vast universe we live in. 2019 has been an important year for the science of space science because scientists have been able to photograph a black hole for the first time in recent months. However, it seems that scientists are not content with these plans but continue to work on other planets in depth.

So far, scientists have discovered many exoplanets. These planets revolve around another star, not the Sun. In fact, some of these planets are very similar to Earth. As a result, scientists began to use a new radio telescope system in France. Scientists plan to see what is happening in exoplanets with these telescopes.

Fransa'da bulunan teleskoplar

These telescopes, which are being used in France, are focused on capturing radio signals from exoplanets. Scientists will thus try to find out if the planets have a magnetic field, just like Earth, and therefore whether they have a liquid nucleus. These telescopes will also be used to study the nuclei of other planets in the Solar System.

In fact, this type of telescope is not used for the first time. For the first time in the 1950s, scientists were able to receive radio waves emitted from the planet Jupiter. But scientists had received very low signals even from a planet as close as Jupiter, which made the desired work impossible. However, the new generation of telescopes can receive radio frequencies even from planets outside the Solar System.

Bu Teleskop, Dünya Dışı Yaşamı İlk Kez 'Görmemizi' Sağlayabilir ile ilgili görsel sonucu
The new telescope system of scientists is called NenuFAR. Currently, 60 percent of the project can be used actively. The number one name of the study, Philippe Zarka, said that they are working and hopeful that 80 percent of the project will be activated by providing new funds. The project has so far received an investment of 15m euros and 80% of it has been delivered to Zarka and his team.

Scientists will make their first work on an extrasolar planet called “Hot Jupiter”. Moreover, to study this planet, telescope systems similar to NenuFAR will be used in common and radiofrequency will be captured. However, none of the existing telescopes is as sensitive as NenuFAR, and so NenuFAR will undertake a major burden of research.

This Telescope Could Allow Us To ‘See’ Extraterrestrial Life For The First Time.
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