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This startup is trying to make bitcoin mining more accessible for everyone

Bitcoin mining, which has spoken a lot in recent times, is exploring ways to be accessible to all. With the new method, everyone can produce Bitcoin with cloud mining without installing expensive hardware.

Cryptocracy mining is known as the process of producing new bitcoins by using significant computational power and solving complex mathematical equations. The transaction was the only way to win new coin money since the birth of BitCoin in 2009.

Thousands of miners around the world are competing to produce new Bitcoins. But for crypto money mining, it’s not enough to just have enough knowledge on computers, it’s important for Bitcoin mining in some hardware, along with some open source, basic software like GUI miner.

As for the hardware, there was a motherboard, a processor, a video card, and a fun list to keep the equipment cool. In the past, Bitcoin mining could easily be done even with an ordinary computer because most of the Bitcoins were not produced yet, and the processes were very simple mathematical calculations. But nowadays most of the Bitcoins are produced, so complicated and difficult mathematical calculations have to be made at incredible levels. For this reason, it is imperative that you have computers with special equipment to perform mining operations today.

Companies that are focused on this issue and are aware of the interest of the people in mining have gone on to lease their equipment together with a statement they have found in the market. Companies that find cloud mining have taken their decisions to transfer risks and profits from all variability by renting their equipment to people or companies. With this method, users would be able to earn directly and generate more coins without investor support. Firms are thinking of reducing the cost of cloud mining, where access will be less.

In addition to the hardware cost, producing bitcoin also causes the use of large energies. Each Bitcoin consumes about 300 KWh of power. For example, it is spoken in Iceland that the electricity consumed in Bitcoin will pass the electricity consumed in the houses. As such, the fact that this large consumption of electricity can cause serious problems, such as the impact on the environment, raises environmental criticism.

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