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This Photo of an Icy Niagara Falls Looks like It’s of a Different Planet

The photographer man Klekotka made a small visit to Niagara Falls, one of the coldest spots on the planet, wondering how it looked at night and shared tremendous photographs with his followers.

We know Niagara Falls from photographs, movies or trips we’ve done. Niagara Falls, one of the largest and most famous waterfalls in the world, with its height of 51 meters, hosts the most beautiful shades of green and blue in summer and white in winter.

But Niagara Falls has a little-known face; winter nights. According to local news bulletins, Canada was colder than Antarctica, even Mars, with the cold weather wave that hit us last week. So it is not easy to visit Niagara Falls in this terrible cold.

The torpedo photographer Adam Klekotka was curious and wanted to see Niagara Falls as a winter night and visited the waterfall, one of the coldest spots on the planet. Klekotka was able to impress us with the photographs he took while being fascinated by the landscape he saw.

Almost every square meter of the unique nature of Niagara Falls is frozen, but the imposing waterfall is still flowing. Ice-blue The red floor lights that illuminate Niagara Falls provide a magnificent view of ice dancing. In fact, less of such a waterfall was unexpected.

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