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This incredible NASA snapshot reminds us how gorgeous Jupiter really is

Juno, a spacecraft sent to Jupiter by NASA, sent pictures of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System.

King of the planets in the Solar System and the biggest of the storm-filled atmosphere in the atmosphere of the storm, even a few spots in the red dot Earth can be fitted Gas Jupiter, despite the variable structure of the celestial bodies that NASA likes to photograph the most. The reason for this is the magnificent beauty of the planet. The planet’s atmosphere, which has a very striking appearance, has many interesting patterns on the planet’s surface.

Although the image from the Juno seems to be a single frame, it is actually a combination of three frames that Juno has taken, according to NASA’s blog share.

Nasa uploads all the photos from Juno’s JunoCam camera to a website that can be seen by citizens who want to reveal new details. Kevin M. Gill, a scientist, unveils JunoCam photographs to reveal this magnificent square.

Juno has made remarkable discoveries for NASA over the past 7 years. Through the vehicle, while learning the airflow and storms on the planet, they discovered that the storm that created the Great Red Dot was also listening.

Juno’s mission was designed for 7 years, but the task was extended to 2021 due to the fact that the vehicle was still in good condition and was working.

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