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This developer made his face invisible with the help of an iPhone X

The Japanese application developer announced the iPhone X application, which will make your face invisible.

Even though Apple is having a bad time, the iPhone Xs, which hit the end of 2017, ar still selling. By giving up the fingerprint reader and passing it to face recognition, FaceID has started to recognize your face much better. Thanks to the Truedepth camera, which can scan your face in 3-D format, the camera, which is not affected by light, beard, etc., also uses this feature in games and other applications.

Having realized that this feature of iPhone X could be used for a different purpose, Kazuya Nashiro is a named developer, sharing the preview of an application he has been working on in his official Twitter account. The application completely removes your face except for the eyes and mouth and makes it look kind of invisible.

The application, which looks like Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, was developed using the iPhone X‘s 3D scanning camera technology. This application, which is one of the AR studies, can be developed in the future and can be turned into games such as face changing with your friends. We do not know when Noshiro will publish the application, but I believe it will be a very good application.

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