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This bird sounds exactly like the iPhone ringtone

You know that birds are not so forgetful and that they have their own talents. Especially parrots’ ability to imitate sometimes can be superior to humans. But this is the kind you’ve never seen before.

Parrots are one of nature’s most intelligent bird species. Especially the sultana parrots can imitate the voices they hear only once in their lives after a long time. The mystery in their brains and how they control this ability is still not fully resolved. According to one theory, these voices are made consciously and conditioned by their consequences, according to another theory they are totally unconscious.

We are talking about a situation that has always been of interest to people for whatever reason. Ben Plummer, a Vimeo user, has a paparazzi that is able to imitate the iPhone’s classic ringtone perfectly. Probably it would be extremely difficult to believe if you only read it in writing.

According to Pluimer, the bird is sad when he sees that the people at home are wearing their shoes, or when he takes them out of the house. After a while, the iPhone starts to emulate the ringtone as an individual. In fact, it has become a ritual for him now.

Though the event seems quite outward, the creatures with such a skill should always be excited about us. The imitation of the iPhone ring, especially in the back of the goat, reveals the last point of technology.

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