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This Article on The Science of Yawning Will Probably Make You Yawn

Panning is a common behavior observed in almost all living things, but scientists have not been able to explain the cause of this widespread and contagious movement for hundreds of years.

Even if one of you is stretched and even if you think about stretching, your body will move independently of you and stretch. The stretch visuals in this article will probably create the same effect. What makes this behavior so uncontrollable and seen in dogs, pets and many large mammals?

Until 400 BC, people thought that the cause of the exorcism was to get the bad air out of the lungs. In the 17th and 18th centuries, doctors thought it was an act of balancing blood pressure and blood oxygen in the blood. In recent times science has always thought that the brain is a ‘relaxing and cooling’ movement. As the amount of heat in your brain and the environment increases, the amount of stretching naturally increases.

But all of this is not the theory and the scientists can fully determine the biological cause and effect of this movement. The only known clear knowledge about Esnemey is that it can be observed in almost every form, even for different purposes. There are many reasons such as fatigue, stress, threat indication, but stretching is present in every living thing. Moreover, it is also known to be infectious in social species such as chimpanzees, bonobos, birds and wolves, just as it is in humans.

The different scientists who worked on the subject also tried to understand whether it was contagious in dogs. However, the obtained data is still not very satisfactory. Because the dog’s reaction to stretching differs according to the human being. The proportion of dogs that stretch when a person they know stretches for example.

In this regard, the clearest finding is that dogs can express stretching as a ‘stressful’ behavior. It was observed that dogs that started to stretch by seeing one stretching during the investigations increased their stress levels.

Essentially, the biological cause, the effects and the link between species are still being investigated. However, if we think that this question, which has not been answered for hundreds of years, we really do not even know whether there is a meaningful and scientific answer, it seems that we need to wait a little longer for answers.

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