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this android malware can damage your phone mining cryptocurrency

An anti-malware software on the Android platform allows your phone to mine for others using its processing power.

Since the price of Bitcoin and other subcodes has increased day by day, millions of people around the world started digging these subcoins. In this regard, many companies support the internet. For example, even if you do not get yourself an ASIC Miner and enter mining business, there are sites that allow you to make crypto money mining using your computer or your phones.

Those who want to make Bitcoin mining on their Android phone may be in danger. Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered a malware named Loapi based on package name Trojan.AndroidOS.Loapi.

Trojan horses can often be hidden even from anti-virus programs running on Android. This malicious software, which usually appears in porn applications downloaded to your phone, has many crazy possibilities such as sending an SMS to any number from your phone, driving traffic from advertisements, and even using Monero with your CPU and GPU.

Adidas took a Historical Decision and started working to become a Technology Company.

If you think your phone is constantly warming up, charging is running out quickly, you might be unwittingly running Bitcoin or subcool mining for someone you do not recognize using your phone’s processing power.

Such applications may come your way if you install an application from unknown sources. So, do not download APK files from places you do not trust. Such malicious software can easily be usurped by your phone. For ease of use, this situation will be reflected in responses such as “my phone cant” or “my phone gets too hot”.

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